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Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. is dedicated to providing exceptional care and guidance with a wide variety of treatment options. Our knowledgeable and experienced therapists treat every patient as an individual and create specific goals and recovery plan to meet the unique needs of each person. Our objectives extend beyond just physical needs as we strive to help you regain quality of life.

We understand that as your physical abilities improve, both your social and emotional well being will also be positively affected. Our therapists are truly equipped to help you fully understand what you can expect throughout your treatment a recovery.

We are conveniently located with two locations and our highly trained staff is ready to help create a positive environment perfect for you to reach all of your Physical Therapy goals.

At Illari Physical Therapy, we accept No Fault, Workmen’s Compensation, Medicare and most major medical insurance. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage please feel free to contact us

Illari Physical Therapy
269 East Main St.
Building, F
Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: 631-382-7793
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Illari Physical Therapy
2799-5 - Route112
Medford, NY 11763

Phone: 631-438-0400

Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. offers a comprehensive range of therapy services that promote wellness and recovery from various injuries and illnesses. Our highly educated and dedicated staff will analyze your specific needs and deficits and then provide a customized plan to help you reach your individual goals. If you have recently experienced a surgery, injury, disability or other ailment that has affected your mobility, strength and/or quality of life, our caring team is ready to help you get moving again.

Our online contact form is also available for you convenience. Don’t put off regaining your mobility, call today to begin your recovery program.

At Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. we are dedicated to helping injured workers recover and most importantly return to work.

Our experienced therapists customize a work conditioning program designed to meet the exact needs of the injured worker and help them safely return to their pre-injury job. Regardless if your job has you in an office, on the assembly line, or outdoors, our program can be customized to meet the demands you face at your place of employment. If you have been injured on the job and are looking for a qualified physical therapy team who can help you safely return to your pre-injury position, give us a call today or fill out our contact form online.

At Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. we are dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and abilities maximize their rehabilitation after a sports related injury. Sports injuries can and do happen to even the most experienced and skilled athlete. Our approach to sports physical therapy is simple, but effective. Educating our athletes about their injury, working with them to reach their specific needs and equipping them with the tools to help stay injury free as they make their return to sports. Our expert team designs an individualized and comprehensive program for each athlete to meet their unique goals that will progress with the athlete to get them back to their sport safely and effectively.

If you have endured a sports related injury and are looking for an experienced team to get you back in the game, give us a call today or fill out our contact form at your convenience.

Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. knows that for many patients, physical therapy is a necessity after a surgery. Participating in a post surgical physical therapy program can increase the speed in which your body heals and recovers. As soon as your surgeon orders physical therapy, a recovery program should be put in place. Our dedicated and compassionate staff will create a customized therapeutic program to match the specific needs of the various post surgical patients. Our goal is to encourage and support you as you progress towards regaining your full potential. We work alongside your surgeon and doctors to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care as you heal and recover.

If you are looking for an experienced team who specialize in assisting patients recover from various types of surgeries, then give Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. a call today. Feel free to contact form online at your convenience.

Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. knows those struggling with chronic pain often avoid exercising and finding a pain management solution can become overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with low back pain, migraines, or pain from a chronic illness, physical therapy may help. Reducing pain is one of the main goals in physical therapy. Our experienced staff utilizes specific exercises and therapeutic procedures to help our patients find relief from their chronic pain and increase their overall well-being and function. Our proven methods have helped many people live more productive and pain free lives.

If you are looking for an experienced team of physical therapists who can help you find relief from chronic pain, then give Illari Physical Therapy, P.C. a call today. Feel free to contact form online at your convenience.

About Us

Our licensed healthcare providers utilize their extensive education and clinical experience to evaluate, diagnose, and treat various conditions that limit their patients. Our goal at Illari Physical Therapy is to reduce your pain, restore your function and prevent further injury. This is accomplished through an individualized treatment plan, patient education and providing quality care, support and motivation during all phases of treatment and recovery.

Illari Physical Therapy Office - Joe and Megan Illari helping our their clients

Whether your condition is chronic, post surgical or as a result of a sports injury, work or car accident,
Illari Physical Therapy, P.C.
is here to serve you.

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All of our Physical Therapists are certified and licensed by the New York Board of Physical Therapy.

Co-owners Megan Illari and Joseph Illari have been providing quality, skilled Physical Therapy for 20 years. They both graduated from Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 1997 and have been practicing on Long Island since 1998. They enjoy taking road trips and making memories with their 5 children.

Megan Illari, PT
Owner & Physical Therapist
Joseph Illari, PT
Owner & Physical Therapist
Joseph Materazo
Physical Therapy Assistant

Joe graduated the Physical Therapy Assistant program from Suffolk Community College and has been practicing for over 18 years. His easy going personality, strong work ethic and 19 years of experience make him a valued member of our team. In his free time he enjoys archery, power lifting, coaching deck hockey and spending time with his family.

Sarah Skidmore
Physical Therapy Aide

Sarah graduated from Suffolk Community College in 2007 and has been a working as a PT aide for 9 years. She is a vital member of our team. She keeps the patients happy, therapists on task and keeps the office running smoothly. She has also been a dance instructor for 15 years, enjoys spending her free time with her puppy, going to the beach and being crafty!

I.P.T. Smithtown Office

269 East Main St.
Building, F
Smithtown, NY 11787





I.P.T. Medford Office

Route 112
Medford, New York 11763





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I.P.T. Smithtown Office

269 East Main St.
Building, F
Smithtown, NY 11787

I.P.T. Smithtown Office

269 East Main St.
Building, F
Smithtown, NY 11787